Wednesday, March 14, 2018


For most of my life
 I saw the world from the standpoint of myself, my ego.
Late in life,
I began learning to shift my consciousness
and look out at life
from my soul’s perspective.

On the surface,
the world looked the same,
yet my relationship to reality became completely different.
I didn’t lose my personality in the process
but my outlook changed me dramatically.

By striving to access the Divine resources
that were in me all along,
I gained a wider perspective of my life,
I could see my life and my death as a great adventure.

 I began to understand
my purpose for being here.
I began to discern my potential for growth,
 and deepening
even in the most difficult moments.

And I began cultivating
for absolutely everything that came my way.

I asked myself
If I was focusing my attention
on what was really important.
 How did I get distracted?
Did I see the possibilities for love?
Did I make the best of any situation?
Did I remember my true purpose in life?”

I found a perspective that remembered
 that my purpose was to learn
how to love
and be loved.

I discovered that
no matter what was happening
I could look for the opportunity
to grow in my capacity to love
and to grow in my receptivity of love.

With this new spiritual perspective
and remembering that my soul’s purpose was to awaken to Love,
I began to use EVERYTHING that happened to me,
happy or sad, expected or not,
as an opportunity for love.

This new perspective
taught me
that it’s not the length of life’s journey that matters,
simply its Width
and its Depth.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Scope of Life

As I approach the end
of my life,
I am grateful,
not only for its
but also for its

I have been able
to climb
the Mountain of Life,
not on some
narrow low-visibility pathway,
but in a way
bejeweled with wondrous Vistas
and numerous side trips along the way
which enriched the journey
beyond my wildest dreams,
apparent diversions
replaced any sense of time
with a sense of place.

My journey’s width
opened me to others
along the way,
helping me to see
I could be of help
and be helped up the mountain

Remaining Creative to the End

If I am to remain creative
to the end of my life,
I must maintain my abnormally keen awareness of life.
I can never grow complacent,
may never be satisfied,
must always doubt and question,
 living with and loving
the mystery of life
day and night.

I must continue to be shaken by naked truth
with my divine discontent,
my disequilibrium,
my state of inner tension
a source of creative energy.

Many have it only in their youth;
some lose it in middle life
with the dynamic tensions so powerful,
 they destroy creativity before spiritual maturity.

In these last years for me,
doubt has become knowing,
critical to my creativity.

 I don’t give in;
I insist on questioning,
watchfully and consistently doubting 
which has become one of my best resources
perhaps the most important of all
in life.

any in life
who never doubt,
who never question,
who simply live the answers
given them;
they have missed the point of it all.